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RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant

RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant
RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant
RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant
RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant
RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant
RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant
RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant

RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant

Please see the "About this item" or "Item Specifics" section above this main body of text which includes all the relevant info I have on the jewellery and stone in this listing that specifically states. Please ignore any "scratch marks" on the metal in the photos.

The direct light I use reflects off any tiny micro-abrasion and magnifies it to look very scratched when it isn't at all. In reality it looks just the same as any brand new jewellery made with silver does. This listing is for a genuine rare natural Tropical-Ice Blue Paraiba Tourmaline oval cabochon sterling silver pendant? Please see the "About this item" or "Item Specifics" section above this main body of text which includes all the relevant info I have on this listing that specifically states carat weight, size, treatments etc.

The jewellery that I make is all about using genuine natural gemstones set into quality hypoallergenic Surgical Steel, Sterling Silver, or Yellow Gold Filled settings and set with Cubic Zirconia or White Topaz accents to create affordable pieces that still look expensive. All my top quality stones are sourced from Professional Registered International Gemstone auctions so I'm often able to get incredible prices on stunning genuine natural Sapphires, plus many other rare unique precious and semiprecious gemstones. This listing is for a 100% genuine natural, earth-mined, and untreated Paraiba Tourmaline.

This Paraiba comes with a genuine online verifiable authenticity certificate from GLC Gemological Laboratories at no extra cost. Paraiba Tourmaline is easily one of the worlds rarest and most sought after of any gemstone.

Its rarity, beautiful tropical blue shades, and its inner glow make it one of the most expensive semi-precious gemstones. It is rarer even than diamonds. This particular very lovely Paraiba Tourmaline stone is an especially beautiful and unique oval faceted gemstone.

It's a piece that can be worn everyday and is a really nice simple unisex style. Tourmaline is the birthstone for people born in October.

The colour of this Paraiba is very unique and unusual for a Paraiba. It is a two-toned stone that is mostly an aqua blue that is fairly common for Paraiba's, but it also has a darker blue tone at the top of the gem which is what makes this stone so much more unusual and unique! It has a semi-translucent appearance with moderate natural inclusions as can be seen in the photos. Most paraiba tourmalines are heat treated to create a brilliant aqua colour. This paraiba has not been heated, treated, or enhanced in any way, it is completely natural.

The Paraiba is set into a solid 925 sterling silver four-prong setting with a sterling silver bail and comes with a sterling silver chain. You're certain to get compliments wearing this, it's not the sort of jewellery that you see very often at all. This allows me to then create very affordable jewellery with high grade stones.

Please see the "About item" specifics section of this listing above this written description for all the information I have on this item. NB: Please ignore what appear to be scratches on the silver bail. The gift box seen in the photos is for display purposes only so a beautiful quality gift bag is included as standard. If you would like a gift box included please select either the Standard Satchel or Express Satchel options available at checkout.

The variety of gift box may be a different style depending on what's in stock. GLC is the Chanthaburi Gemological Laboratory Co.

And are based in Thailand. They offer genuine authenticity certificates that are online verifiable.

GLC only employ graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Asian Institute of Gemological Science (AGIS) which are two of the most prestigious leading gemological laboratories world wide. Each gemstone is tested by two different gemologists independent of each other and both must come to the same conclusion seperatley before they will agree to issue any authenticity certificate whatsoever for that particular gemstone.

Thanks so much for reading and browsing! Paraiba Tourmaline is also known as cuprian elbaite. It is one of the rarest gemstones of the word. Its rarity, beautiful neon-blue shade and its glow make it one of the most expensive semi-precious gemstones.

It has different colors like green, blue, and violet etc. It creates a sense of coolness and relaxation in the mind. It is one of the newest stones that are added as birthstones of October. Paraiba Tourmaline does not have a very long history. In 1989, miners discovered a unique and glowing colored Tourmaline in the state of Paraiba, Brazil and after this, it is named Paraiba Tourmaline.

It comes in blue and green and usually contains abundant inclusions. Paraiba Tourmaline is considered as the most beautiful variety of Tourmaline.

Due to the high content of metal stones, it shimmers into different colors. The blue and green Paraiba tourmalines are very popular gemstones. It is symbolized for wisdom, voice, insight and creativity.

It relates to light, life, love, expression and earth through its effects on chakras. This beautiful stone is the birthstone of October. Moreover, blue colored gemstones usually carry a meaning of stability, smoothness and calmness.

To get the best benefits of paraiba tourmaline, it is usually a good idea to wear it. Paraiba tourmaline with a strong concentration goes onto challenge the edges of intensity and clarity. Paraiba tourmaline can glow like a neon-like quality with its colors blue, green and violet.

Paraiba tourmaline is an elbaite mineral. It is one of many varieties of tourmaline with a chemical structure made up of different elements. Even in very dim light, these rare Paraiba gemstones have the properties to sparkle which is very unusual for a dark-colored gem. This rare gem is found very often on any store and has to go through the burning process during its shaping and cutting and weighs less than a carat usually. Paraiba tourmaline comes with various varieties and colors and all of them have specific metaphysical properties. The energies differ within stone depending on the color it posses.

This rare gemstone will help you in having a clear mind and gives a strong sense of justice. This healer stone can give you the power to make the difficult decisions of life leading to happiness. It is attributed to connecting to angels of truth and wisdom. Its radiant heart energy assists in stepping into unrestricted compassion.

This stone helps you with your consciousness and empowers you to help others. It not only helps you in difficult times of your life, but also relaxes your mind. In other words, it prevents your mind from taking the stress.

It brings harmony and light to the darkest aspects and encourages forgiveness on various levels. Paraiba protects against pollutants which can be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or environmental.

It is considered to be perfect for mediation and attaining higher self spiritually as it sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. Psychologically it assists in living by aspirations and helps you in bringing closure to various levels. It helps you by overcoming judgemental and fanaticism by invoking tolerance for others.

It improves your insight and makes you able to make better decisions for your future. Paraiba Tourmaline is believed to have a connection with the future. Mentally this stone helps you with verbalization of thoughts and feelings resulting in the calmness of mind.

It sharpens intellect and clears the confusion by filtering information reaching the brain. It clarifies perception and helps you reach a high plane of communication. Emotionally it helps against fears, provides calmness in stressful situations and helps you in understanding what you are. It develops the creativity and imagination of a person. Paraiba Tourmaline is helpful in terms of wisdom, enlightenment and expressions.

Physically it is considered beneficial for eyes. It reduces the over-reactions of the immune system and auto-immune diseases.

As a physical healer, this stone is considered to be effective for sore throat, hay fever, eyes, jaw and teeth, swollen glands, arthritis, stomach and thyroid problems by cleansing organs, metabolism and hormonal production. It is also used in chakra healing and meditation. It aids in maintaining the focus by relaxing your mind. You can also take its help while doing yoga.

ABOUT THE GEMS I USE. Every single gemstone that I've ever had independently tested for myself has been exactly as described. I'm extremely fussy as I only want the best earth-mined natural gemstones to use to create my one of a kind pieces.

This means that I'm able to make beautiful jewellery at a far more affordable price with genuine natural gems, so I'm then able to pass those savings on to my customers. Please also understand that it is not in my best interest to be dishonest about an item's appearance, colour, or condition so I would gain absolutely nothing by lying about an item's appearance in any way.

I endeavour to answer all messages within 48 hours. % committed to your satisfaction with your jewellery.

Please inform me by adding a note specifically at checkout when paying. Or choose the Express post option. Once I have posted your order on time.

So I sincerely suggest you use the Express post option. Therefore your parcel may take longer to arrive through no fault of my own as I have no control over the arrival date once posted. I have been collecting and wearing them for more than 25 years - gems & jewels are a true passion for me! I have only just begun to build my own " Gem-pire" to share the jewellery I love to create. For me jewellery is all about the gemstone!

I take great care and pride in creating simple, stylish & modern pieces that celebrate the stone itself. I'm the sort of person who wants to own a little piece of everything. I particularly love sourcing unusual and rare semiprecious and precious gems that can often be very expensive or uncommon, and then create jewellery so that everyone can own something truly special and unique! Don't be put off by my affordable prices, it is extremely important to me that I use only the best natural stones & solid sterling silver findings - I test all diamonds and acid test all silver to ensure that what I sell is genuine.

Everything I make is hypoallergenic too - I use genuine 92.5% sterling silver, surgical stainless steel, or a UV protective coating so that even people with metal allergies or sensitive skin like myself can wear them also. I take great pride and care in choosing my crystals and gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Please let me know if you would like any gems or sizes in particular as I can do custom orders and I'd love any suggestions or feedback. Your happiness is my greatest reward! All my items are sent using Australia Post service and I offer Standard.

Choosing Registered or Express post includes tracking and ensures that you have peace of mind. Some of the photos are only sample shots of a particular item as I sometimes have more than one in stock, so the photos are indications of what it looks like. Because I'm using natural gemstones there will always be differences in the gems, as each one is unique. Many of the natural gemstones that I sell will have inclusions in them which I personally really like to see. Even with today's technology inclusions are actually not able to be faked so I tend to regard them as being just as good as an authenticity certificate!

The photos that I upload are also part of the items description. I take photos under different lighting conditions wherever possible to get the most accurate description of the items, but there may be some differences in colour or shade. If I haven't heard from you after a week an unpaid item case will be filed. This will be stated in an item's listing information.

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  • Country of Origin: Mozambique
  • Colour: Blue
  • Total Carat Weight: 2.26 Cts.
  • Pendant Shape: Oval Faceted
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Main Stone Width: 7.2 mm
  • Clarity: SI2-I1
  • Main Stone Depth: 5.5 mm
  • Main Stone Length: 8.4 mm
  • Type: Necklace
  • Brand: Love & Gempathy
  • Main Stone Shape: Oval
  • Shape: Oval
  • Main Stone Colour: Aqua
  • Style: Pendant
  • Certification: GLC
  • Gemstone Clarity Grade: Moderately Included
  • Setting Style: Bezel
  • Pendant/Locket Type: Solitaire
  • Cut Grade: Very Good
  • Features: Nickel-Free
  • Main Stone Treatment: Not Enhanced
  • Metal Purity: 925
  • Closure: Spring Ring
  • Main Stone: Paraiba Tourmaline
  • Main Stone Creation: Natural
  • Metal: Sterling Silver

RARE! CERTIFIED Natural Two-Tone Paraiba Tourmaline 2.3ct oval silver pendant